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About Us

Avid was started up in 1990 by Sarah Mabbitt, the Avidlite website in 2003 and this AvidHiPro website in 2011. With the support of her husband, Dr Allen Mabbitt and a dedicated team of employees the business has grown and flourished. The original idea was to provide suitable food products and advice with the ultimate aim of reducing the cases of diabetes, helping people to avoid becoming diabetic, and helping with those already diabetic in the control of their condition. Of key importance in preventing diabetes is not becoming obese, so we provide suitable foods to help with this.

Sarah herself has been following the Atkins diet since 2003, working through the four phases, and continuing long-term with Lifetime Maintenance. Not only has she successfully prevented full-time diabetes, having had gestational diabetes with her pregnancies, but has also reduced her bad cholesterol levels. The Atkins diet is a healthy way of following a high protein, low carb eating regime when followed correctly, as with all diets.

This AvidHiPro website specialises in high protein products, which are also low or reduced carbohydrate, low or reduced calorie, low or reduced fat, sugar-free or low sugars or reduced sugars, some are high fibre, and some contain added vitamins and minerals. For products that also fit these descriptions but not necessarily high protein, you may like to visit our Avidlite website where you will find a wider choice of products, such as chocolate and sweets.

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