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CiaoCarb ProtoBrio Croissants Pack of 2 100g

CiaoCarb ProtoBrio Croissants Pack of 2 100g

Ref: ALK306

In stock

CiaoCarb Croissants, Pack of 2 x 50g, total 100g. Reduced calorie, low carb, high fibre, high protein, no added sugar. Suitable for low carb, low glycemic, and/or high protein dieters, diabetics and others. Each croissant contains 3.4g slow release carbohydrates. Individually wrapped within package.

INGREDIENTS: Isolated soy protein, Egg white, Wheat gluten, Wheat fibre, Margarine, Soy lecithin, Salt, Sodium sorbate, Sodium cyclamate, Natural flavours (vanilla and lemon).

ALLERGENS: Gluten, soy and eggs. Manufactured on equipment that processes soy, tree nuts, seeds and dairy.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 100g: 324 kCal (calories), Protein 30g, Carbohydrate 10.5g, of which naturally occurring sugars 1g, Fibre 30g, Fat 18g of which saturated 5.66g, monounsaturated 7.88g and polyunsaturated 4.46g.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per one 32.5g croissant: 105 kCal, Protein 9.75g, Carbohydrates 3.4g of which sugars (naturally occurring) 0.3g, Fibre 9.75g, Fat 5.85g of which saturated 1.83g, monounsaturated 2.56g and polyunsaturated 1.44g.

Price: 3.95

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